1. hayoubi said: Hiya Sam!! I'm a huge fan of your work!!!! Fantasy Basketball looks amazing! I'm actually also about to embark on a quest to print some little comic zines. I'm a little tiny comic making baby and have no idea what I'm doing...I was wondering if you could tell me what paper you used for FB??? Did you print it at home, go to kinkos, use a web site?

    Thanks! It was an interesting printing process, for sure. I basically took advantage of a bunch of my friends who provide specific printing services.

    The cover is a two color screen print on French Paper’s Speckletone line (I think the exact color is “Madero Beach”. Sort of an off-white with little dark specks in it. The covers were printed by Jimmy and Dan at Pizza Party Printing in Baltimore. The pink and indigo inks were mixed by the printers. They also scored the covers and made a couple cuts to crop them pretty close to size (though I trimmed the books once they were assembled).

    The interiors were risograph printed by my pal Kris. They were printed on sheets of Staples’ brand cream pastel paper. It’s pretty thin (20lbs), but it has a nice rough texture and takes the riso ink really well. I toyed with printing the things digitally, but in the end, I’m really happy I went with riso printing, since it adds a really nice textural quality to the work. Kris was very pleasant to work with, despite my near constant fuck-ups.

    As far as printing goes, I’d definitely recommend checking out local places. Staples and Kinkos and those places do a totally fine job, but that’s about the ceiling. You might find that a local printer has a different process or better printers and, from my experience, they’re more enjoyable to work with.

    I folded, bound, and stapled the books all myself. Hundreds of ‘em.

    Last but not least, my buddy Nick let me use his stack cutter to trim the books down to size at the end. Thanks, Nick!


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